CAD Design Solutions

Creating professional CAD models, design layouts and drawings using licensed SolidWorks software.

CAD Services


Assembly Fixtures
Welding Fixtures
Functional Inspection Fixtures


Reverse Engineer parts for
re-make or manufacture


Metal Stamping Die
Designs and Layouts


Create CAD models for
 3D printing, CNC machining and Laser cutting

CAD models and drawings for new product development


Machinery and
Equipment Design


Create drawings with a Bill of Materials and cut lists for ease of material purchasing and manufacturing


CAD Project Portfolio

Pedal Bracket

Rudder Pedal Bracket designed using Solid Works CAD software, laser cut from 1/8" thick steel using Solid Works Sheet Metal development. Flight Simulator Pedal Bracket installed on right side, Rudder Pedal installed on left side.

Rotating Drum Trammel Trimmer

Created CAD design for a Custom Rotating Drum Trammel Trimmer designed for manufacturing.

Down Spout

Created CAD model for CNC machining, for an eavestrough down spout metal stamping punch with shear angles.

Roller Cart

Drawing for a Roller Cart for moving production panels for processing operations. Including Bill OF Materials and dimensions for manufacturing.

Fender Hole Cover

Created CAD model for CNC machining, a Dodge Dart fender hole cover.

Table Frame

Drawing for custom table frame with Bill Of Materials and Cut List.


Re-create a CAD model for CNC machining of an existing metal stamped bracket from a vintage car restoration.

Fertilizer Spreader

Created CAD design for a Custom Fertilizer Spreader to meet customer specific requirements.

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